This inventory is intended to serve as a resource to help Teton Valley residents find long-term housing.

Please be aware that our organization does not own nor oversee the rental process of any properties.

If you are a property owner and would like to add a listing, contact the CRCTV at or call 208-354-0870.

If you need assistance with your rental search, please complete our “In Search of Housing Form”

Updated 10/19/2021 – New listings are in bold



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3br/1ba home in St Anthony ($995/month)

Please note that many posts are scams – some homes are actually for sale and pictures are stolen from ads on the internet.
Do not send money without seeing the rental. Do not assume that rentals listed below are not scams.




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-2br/1ba house in Driggs (unknown rent) – Brook 10/18

-1br cabin in Victor (unknown rent) – Mike 10/13

-1br condo in Cobblestone Hotel. Must work for them. ($750/month) – Scott 10/13

-Multiple cabins (unknown rent) – Janine 10/13

-Room for rent ($750/month) – Heidi 10/12

-Multiple homes – located in Victor and Tetonia (unknown rent) – Eddye 10/12

-3br townhome in Driggs ($2600/month) – Nathan 10/08

-Furnished room for rent ($525/month) – Max 10/07

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(208 )203-0303

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(307) 353-2300 Ext. 1397 –

-Contact for rentals available


Beware of Scams

-1br/1ba house in Driggs ($1600/month)

-2br/1.5ba house in Driggs ($2995/month)

2bd/2ba condo in Victor ($3000/month)


(208) 270-9513

1-bedroom apartments in Driggs; Income-restricted. 

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(208) 354-2659

 2- and 3-bedroom apartments in Driggs; Income-restricted; Affordable and market rate

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(208) 787-3337

2- and 3-bedroom apartments in Victor; Income-restricted 

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(307) 413-6267