Poverty, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing are commonly recognized causes of homelessness. Unfortunately, Teton Valley is not immune to this problem. With the current lack of rental properties and influx of new residents, many families and individuals are being displaced from their homes.


While we deeply wish that we could provide affordable housing for all, regretfully this is not possible. Every situation is different, but in an effort to bring clarity to the services we offer, please see the chart below to learn more specifically how we can and cannot help with housing. 

Housing Services

What we CAN offer

Application assistance for rentals or housing assistance programs

Assistance with the search for open rentals, locally & regionally

Advocacy work with landlords to help resolve minor issues

Financial assistance with rent, utilities and/or security deposits

Referral to temporary housing shelters in the absence of available local housing

What we CANNOT offer

Guaranteed housing of ANY type, including temporary shelter

Long-term financial assistance with rent or other household bills

Legal advice for fair housing complaints

Financial assistance with long-term temporary shelter situations

(i.e. hotel stays)

If you have any questions about how we can help, please give us a call.

Temporary Shelter Options

Jackson, WY

The Good Samaritan Mission

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The Good Samaritan Mission provides showers, chapel, and 2 meals a day. All guests must be willing to find employment and pay weekly dorm fees.
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Motel 6

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Motel 6 is currently offering weekly stays, dependent upon room availability. The limit for each stay is 28 days. Call to find out weekly rate and availability.
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Idaho Falls, ID

The Haven

The Haven Shelter provides emergency shelter, short term transitional housing and supportive services to homeless families and single women.
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Idaho Falls Rescue Mission

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The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission purpose is to provide emergency shelter, meals, clothing and essentials.
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Club Inc.

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CLUB, Inc. can assist with emergency, permanent and other housing services for homeless men, women, and/or families.
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Soup Kitchen

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The Soup Kitchen serves hot meals to the homeless, transients, low income, elderly, children, unemployed, and handicapped – all who come!
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