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Need Housing?

To learn about what housing services we CAN and CANNOT offer, please click on the learn more button.


Teton Valley Rental Inventory

We maintain a list of available rentals from all know sources in Teton Valley. Information is updated weekly.

Emergency Rental Assistance

We have a limited amount of Quality of Life funding to assist with paying a portion of a rent payment for clients in acute crisis, in order to prevent displacement of families and/or homelessness. We also refer to and assist with applications for programming to help with paying your rent such as Housing Preservation Program through Idaho Housing. 



Please be aware that processing times for financial assistance may vary depending on numerous factors.

Idaho Homeless Management Information System
The Community Resource Center of Teton Valley participates in the Idaho HMIS, an electronic data collection system specifically designed to assess the needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
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Energy Assistance

We refer to and assist with applications for programming to help with paying your electric bill or covering the cost of propane, oil, or wood, such as Fall River Helping Hands or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program through Eastern Idaho Community Action.

Housing Security Deposit Program

Our Housing Security Deposit Program provides assistance with rental security deposits to eligible persons in accordance with HUD Area Income Limits and other program requirements. 


We will pay the full amount of the tenant’s security deposit by the move-in date and the tenant will be responsible to make monthly payments to the CRCTV until the loan amount is paid in full.