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Year round

Join the Neighbors for Good Community

Neighbors for Good is a community of donors that provide flexible, predictable funding to the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley. By giving monthly, you enable the CRCTV to provide assistance to our neighbors in need without delay.

Home Goods Pantry

We keep commonly used toiletry items and home goods on hand in our office, knowing that these basic items can be quite expensive.

You can donate items for our Home Goods Pantry from the comfort of your couch by clicking the link below!

P.S We love our planet! Brownie points for sustainable products!

Food for Good is free, rescued food for all!


Foods that would otherwise go to the landfill (just expired, slightly bruised) are donated by local stores and restaurants.


Food for Good depends of our robust team of volunteers, who pick up items at least twice daily and then re-distribute them throughout the community. If you’d like to help, please complete our volunteer form.


Stay tuned for 2024 information about how you can support local businesses & those in need this February!

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A community-funded campaign to help spread love & hope

During the month of May, our friends at MD Nursery will be donating a portion of proceeds from their sales of veggie, herb and berry starts, and select fruit trees to our Quality of Life funds. 


Thank you for your support during the annual Tin Cup Challenge! 

The Tin Cup Challenge is a community wide event hosted by the Community Foundation of Teton Valley that celebrates our generous community and the work of our Valley’s nonprofits.

The CRCTV depends on unrestricted funds from Tin Cup Challenge to continue our programming.


A back to school event held on Saturday, August 19th this year to ensure that all Teton Valley students are ready to succeed.

In collaboration with the Education Foundation of Teton Valley and through the support of community business and volunteers, students can receive hearing, vision, dental and medical exams, backpacks, haircuts, toiletry items, and more.


During the months of October, November & December each year, we collect winter coats and other outerwear to ensure that all Teton Valley residents can be dressed for the winter weather.

Drop off lightly used coats, pants, boots, and other winter items at Teton Geo Center in Driggs, and General Laundry in Victor.

If you are in need of any of these items to stay warm this winter, you can pick up at the CRC office from Monday -Friday, 10am-4pm. 

1420 N Hwy 33,  Suite 204, Driggs


An end of year, statewide fundraising drive to ensure that more Idahoans have access to safe, stable, and affordable housing. Matching funds make this one of our largest funding sources each year.

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