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Neighbors for Good is a community of monthly donors that provide flexible, predictable funding for the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley. By giving monthly, you enable CRCTV to provide assistance to our neighbors in need without delay.

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Below ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained and Employed) levels


Teton Valley students are on free or reduced lunch


<$25k household income

Most Common Needs in the Valley

Where Your Monthly Donation Goes

Financial Assistance

Our Quality of Life Fund provides assistance to cover basic needs in emergency financial situations.

These funds are vital to the financial stability of families and individuals seeking assistance. Thanks to your generous support, we can disperse these funds to your neighbors without delay in the wake of an emergency or crisis.

Case Management

Assessing the needs of every individual that applies for assistance is where we shine. Our dedication to effective case management ensures we can provide customized support.

Our individualized and ongoing support services help clients to prioritize their needs and establish a plan to reach their goals. Your generous support makes this time investment possible!

Support Services

From health care access to transportation and employment assistance, our holistic approach to providing client care goes far beyond financial assistance. We carefully vet and build relationships with trusted partners and providers to expand our impact in the community.

Your generosity invests in these services to allow us to meet the short-term and long-term needs of clients experiencing a crisis.

Hear From Those We’ve Served

“The folks at the Community Resource Center have your back, without question. They have helped me so much over the years, and never make me feel beneath them. They held my hand every step of the way.

While I initially turned to seek help for an electric bill, I ended up receiving so much personalized, attentive care to make sure all my needs were fully met. They even helped me get a birth certificate for my grandson. For everything, I am so deeply grateful.”

CRCTV Client

“At a time when the whole world seemed to stop, the folks at CRC were constantly working, aware, and making adjustments so everyone felt comfortable and safe, but still helped.

Good-hearted, wonderful people. Throughout the entire process, we never felt alone, or like we weren’t going to make it. I was surprised that they had so many options to help our family. I consider CRC to be the heroes of the pandemic.”

CRCTV Client

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Spark Foundation

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