Teton Valley Resource Directory

Please reach out to us at 208-354-0870 for additional assistance.

As an ever-changing and fluid resource, we ask you to help us keep this information current. If you see outdated or inaccurate information, please contact the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley at info@crctv.org with any suggested changes or additions.

Teton Valley, Idaho

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Address: 225 North 1st St Driggs ID 83422 Address: 221 N. 1st E. Driggs ID 83422 Phone: 208-354-2253 Website: http://www.lds.org/?lang=eng


Ward:           Contact:                      Meeting Time:     Telephone:

Driggs I       Roy Moulton            11 AM                      (208) 354-8211

Driggs II     Wade Treasure         9 AM                        (208) 354-8806

Driggs III   Mitch Blake                1 PM                         (208) 354-2379

Tetonia I    Brent Robson             11 AM                     (208) 456-2871

Tetonia II  Ronald Berry              9 AM                       (208) 456-2362

Victor I      Lynn Bagley                 11 AM                     (208) 787-2211

Victor II    Val Kunz                       1 PM                         (208) 787-2026

Victor III   Stan Marshall            9 AM                         (208) 787-3678


Tetonia Meeting House: 209 South Main

Victor Meeting House: 87 East Center Street

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225 North 1st St Driggs ID 83422

221 N. 1st E. Driggs ID 83422

Jackson, Wyoming

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Eastern Idaho

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