Teton Valley Resource Directory

Please reach out to us at 208-354-0870 for additional assistance.

As an ever-changing and fluid resource, we ask you to help us keep this information current. If you see outdated or inaccurate information, please contact the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley at info@crctv.org with any suggested changes or additions.

Teton Valley, Idaho

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Teton Valley Community Recycling

Address: PO BOX 1193 Driggs ID 83422 Phone: 1 (206) 484-7354 Website: http://tetonrecycling.org/


Transforming Waste into Resources


Our Mission

To develop ethical waste reduction solutions that are financially and environmentally sound for our community.

Our Vision

A healthy community that reduces, reuses, recycles, and rethinks its way towards zero waste.

More info: There are two ways to recycle in Teton Valley, Idaho. You can bring your recyclables to the Transfer Station in Driggs, or you may pay for curbside pick-up throughthe private hauler, RAD. Basic information on dropping off recyclables at the Transfer Station can be found on our web site at http://www.tetonrecycling.org or by calling 208-313-1731. Please visit Teton County’s Solid Waste and Recycling website formore information at http://http://www.tetoncountyidaho.gov/department.php?deptID=24&menuID=1.

TVCR promotes reducingreusingredistributing, and composting waste before recycling.

Jackson, Wyoming

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Eastern Idaho

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