Teton Valley Rental Inventory

To add a listing, contact the CRCTV at info@crctv.org or call 208-354-0870. Bolded listings are new for the week.

Teton Valley Rental Inventory

Updated 9/19/18

New listings in bold



  • 2br/1ba fully furnished Home in Driggs 2 car garage ($1500 month) call Debbie @ 208-313-3133
  • 3br/2ba Home in Creekside Meadows available Sept. 1st Call Ciara 307-413-5034


Grand Valley Lodging



Long-Term Rentals


  • 2br/1ba house in Tetonia ($875/month)
  • 3br/1ba house in Tetonia ($1250/month)
  • 1br/1ba condo in Victor ($800/month)
  • 1br/1ba apartment in Driggs ($800/month)
  • 3bd/1ba home in Tetonia ($1250/month)


Teton Valley Realty Management




  • 2br/2ba condo in Victor ($1200/month)
  • 4br/3.5ba Townhome in Victor ($1900/month)


Property Management, Inc., Teton Valley



  • 2br/2ba condo in Victor ($1550/month)


Craigslist – Beware of Scams

Please note that many posts are scams – some homes are actually for sale and pictures are stolen from ads on the internet. Do not send money without seeing the rental. Do not assume that rentals listed below are not scams.


Driggs – https://eastidaho.craigslist.org/search/apa?query=driggs

  • 2br/1.5ba house in Driggs ($1100/month)
  • 2br/2ba furnished home in Driggs, Dec-May ($1800/month)
  • 1br/2ba house in Driggs, Nov-May ($1250/month)


Victor – https://eastidaho.craigslist.org/search/apa?query=victor

  • 4br/2ba house in Victor ($1500/month)
  • 2br/2ba house in Victor ($1400/month)
  • 2br/2.5ba townhouse in Victor ($1300/month)
  • 1br/1ba condoin Victor ($875/month)
  • 2br/1ba house in Victor ($1275/month)
  • 3br/2a house in Victor ($2195/month)


Tetonia – https://eastidaho.craigslist.org/search/apa?query=tetonia

  • 5br/3ba house ($1700/month)


Teton Valley News


  • 2br/1ba apt in Driggs ($1200/month)
  • 3br/2ba ($1500/month)


JH News & Guide


  • 2br/2ba in Victor ($1050/month)
  • 4br/2a house in Victor ($2400/month)
  • 2br/2.5ba apt in Victor ($1300/month)


JH Classifieds


  • carriage house in Victor ($1200/month)
  • 1br for rent in 2br condo in Victor (price negotiable)
  • 4br/3ba house in Victor, Oct-May ($2000/month)


Facebook – “Community Page of Teton County, Idaho” – search by name


  • 3br/3ba condo ($1800/month)-Kristi 9/16
  • Teton Valley Resort cabins ($750/month and up)-Sven 9/11
  • 1br studio apt in Victor ($650/month)-Kristi 9/10
  • 2br/1ba apt in Driggs ($1200/month)-Georgia 8/30


Facebook – “Houses or Apartments for Rent or Sell in Teton Valley Idaho”


  • 1br/1ba house in Driggs ($1250/month)-Lani 9/19
  • 1br apt in Driggs ($650/month)-Gunnar 9/14
  • 1br w/bath in house between Driggs & Victor-Ceci 9/2


Facebook – “TETON VALLEY’S GARAGE SALE” – search by name


  • 2br/2ba house ($1600/month)-Susan 9/19
  • baement apt in Driggs ($1100/month)-Devin 9/18
  • 2br house in Alta ($1800/month)-BJ 9/18
  • 2br/2ba condo in Victor ($1350/month)-Kent 9/17
  • room for rent in Victor ($620/month)-Elena 9/12
  • 3br/2ba house in Driggs ($1800/month)-Dylan 9/10
  • Room for rent in Victor ($500/month)-Mayra 9/7


Zillow – Beware of Scams


  • 2br/2ba condo in Victor ($1200/month)
  • 4br/3.5ba townhome in Victor ($1900/month)
  • 3br/3.5ba townhome in Victor ($2400/month)
  • 1br/1ba cabin in victor ($1000/month)


Trulia – Beware of Scams


  • None that aren’t already listed elsewhere


The Ponds



1- and 3- bedroom condos start at $850/month


 Teton Court Apartments, Driggs


1-bedroom apartments


  • Apply to be put on waitlist


Teton View Village Apartments, Victor


2- and 3-bedroom apartments


  • Apply to be put on waitlist


Fox Creek Apartments, Driggs (affordable and market rate)



2- and 3-bedroom apartments

  • Apply to be put on waitlist

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