How We Can Help:


Case Management Services

We offer individualized and ongoing services to help clients prioritize their needs and design a plan to reach their desired goals.

Quality of Life Financial Assistance

We have a limited amount of Quality of Life funding available for ensuring basic needs of clients who are enduring an acute crisis. This includes such things as gas for travel to work, utilities that are subject to disconnection, or necessary medications.

Teton Valley Job Inventory

We maintain a list of available Teton Valley jobs from all known sources. Information is updated weekly.

Teton Valley Transportation

We keep a list of available transportation options in and around Teton Valley.

Mental Health Services Referral

We provide assistance with finding a provider that will work with client needs, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Employment Assistance

We provide support to find a employment via inventory search, application assistance, and/or resume building.

Health Care Access

We help clients find health care options that support their individual needs, taking into consideration insurance coverage, or the lack thereof.


By making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Resource Center, you are helping to improve lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources.



Success Stories

“I had cancer, my husband was missing work to take me to my treat-ments, and I was panicked, not knowing how I was going to afford my insulin. Thankfully, the CRC helped us through the rough patch. Now I’m in remission.”

Financial Assistance

through Quality of Life Funds

Quality of Life (QOL) funds are used to assist individuals and families seeking as-sistance to ameliorate acute financial crisis or the effects of chronic poverty that are likely to result in catastrophic lifestyle changes including homelessness, loss of livelihood and disruption of the well-being of minors.
The CRCTV has limited funds to assist clients with emergency financial situations. Please contact us at 208-354-0870 or to learn more.