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Mission: To improve lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources. 

Through advocacy, case management, and referral, the CRCTV collaborates with individuals, organizations, and governmental entities to help Teton Valley residents move away from crisis and gain stability in their lives.

Individual Advocacy

The CRCTV helps clients resolve various issues with individuals and organizations. Common examples include contacting a client’s landlord to repair something in the house or calling a social service agency to ensure that a client receives appropriate services.

Case Management

The CRCTV works collaboratively with clients to identify and prioritize their major concerns. We then provide individualized and ongoing services to help clients meet their desired goals and address their changing needs.


The CRCTV connects clients to other programs and agencies that can help meet the needs of the individual or family. We work closely with organizations in Teton Valley, eastern Idaho, and Jackson, WY, to ensure that clients receive the most up-to-date information on what may be available.

Financial Assistance through Quality of Life Funds

The CRCTV has limited funds to assist clients with emergency financial situations. Please contact us at 208-354-0870 or to learn more.

Quality of Life (QOL) funds are used to assist individuals and families seeking assistance to ameliorate acute financial crisis or the effects of chronic poverty that are likely to result in catastrophic lifestyle changes including homelessness, loss of livelihood and disruption of the well-being of minors. Clients who receive QOL funds are expected to participate in at least two case management meetings, including the initial assessment.

Clients who are able and willing to work will be prioritized over clients who are able to work but choose not to. Ability and willingness to work will be assessed at the discretion of the executive director and the QOL Committee of the Board of Directors. Clients who refuse the use of other resources for which they are eligible (i.e. Food Stamps) will have limits to how much financial assistance they can receive. This is also up to the discretion of the Executive Director and the QOL Committee. Clients may receive one rent, mortgage, or utility assistance payment per year, and up to six gas or grocery store gift cards per year. This is also up to the discretion of the Executive Director and the QOL Committee, and may vary based on client need and availability of funds.

Misión: Mejorar la calidad de vida mediante una conexión entre personas con necesidades y una red de recursos.

Con la administración de casos, apoyo individual, y referencias, el CRCTV trabaja con personas individuales, organizaciones, y agencias del gobierno para ayudar a los residentes de Teton Valley para evitar crisis y tener más estabilidad en sus vidas.

Apoyo Individual

El CRCTV ayuda a sus clientes para resolver problemas diferentes con personas individuales y organizaciones. Ejemplos incluyen hablar con el propietario para reparar alguna cosa en la casa o llamar a una agencia de servicios sociales para asegurar que el cliente recibe los servicios correctos.

Administración de Casos

El CRCTV trabaja en colaboración con clientes para identificar y priorizar sus preocupaciones. Nosotros ofrecemos servicios individualizados y continuos para ayudar a los clientes para cumplir sus metas y abordar sus necesidades cambiantes.


El CRCTV conecta a clientes a otros programas y agencias que pueden ayudar con las necesidades de la persona o familia. Trabajamos con organizaciones en Teton Valley, el Este de Idaho, y Jackson, WY, para asegurar que nuestros clientes reciban la información sobre lo que está disponible en el área.

El CRCTV tiene dinero para ayudar nuestros clientes con emergencias financieras. Favor de contactarnos a 208-354-0870 o para aprender más.


By making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Resource Center, you are helping to improve lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources.

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