How We Help

Our Mission

To improve lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources.

Helping Others Help Themselves

At the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley, we see our role as helping others help themselves. We serve anyone in need in our Valley–all ages and situations. We are happy to work with each client’s individual circumstances, evaluating which resources might work best. For the sake of clarity, we have organized our programming and most frequent types of assistance here. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list. 


Housing Security Deposit Program
The Housing Security Deposit Program (HSDP) provides assistance with rental security deposits to eligible persons in accordance with 2018 HUD Area Income Limits and other program requirements. We  will pay the full amount of the tenant’s security deposit by the move-in date and the tenant will be responsible to make monthly payments to the CRCTV until the loan amount is paid in full.

Rental Assistance

We have a limited amount of Quality of Life funding to assist with paying a portion of a rent payment for clients in acute crisis, in order to prevent displacement of families and/or homelessness.

Teton Valley
Rental Inventory

We maintain a list of available rentals from all know sources in Teton Valley. Information is updated weekly.

Energy Assistance
We refer to and assist with applications for programming to help with paying your electric bill or covering the cost of propane, oil, or wood, such as Fall River Helping Hands or Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program through Eastern Idaho Community Action.

Supportive Services

Case Management Services
We offer individualized and ongoing services to help clients prioritize their needs and design a plan to reach their desired goals.

Mental Health
Services Referral

We provide assistance with finding a provider who will work with client needs, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Teton Valley Job Inventory
We maintain a list of available Teton Valley jobs from all known sources. Information is updated weekly.

Employment Assistance
We provide support to find employment via inventory search, application assistance, and/or resume building.

Health Care Access
We help clients find health care options that support their individual needs, taking into consideration insurance coverage, or the lack thereof.

Teton Valley Transportation
We keep a list of available transportation options in and around Teton Valley.


Food Rescue Program
Foods that would otherwise go to the landfill (just expired, slightly bruised) are donated by local stores and restaurants, picked up by volunteers, and delivered to area sites such as the Senior Center, Afterschool Program, See N Save and CRCTV to be utilized by anyone in need.

Food Programming Connection
We refer to and assist with applications for other food pro-grams such as Teton Valley Food Pantry, WIC, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


By making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Resource Center, you are helping to improve lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources.


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Financial Assistance

through Quality of Life Funds

We have a limited amount of Quality of Life funding available for ensuring basic needs of clients who are enduring an acute crisis. This includes such things as gas for travel to work, utilities that are subject to disconnection, or necessary medications.

Success Stories

“I had cancer, my husband was missing work to take me to my treat-ments, and I was panicked, not knowing how I was going to afford my insulin. Thankfully, the CRC helped us through the rough patch. Now I’m in remission.”
-CRC client