Board of Directors

From left: Ed Palacios, Angela Hoggan, Betsy Hawkins, Pam Parkins, Adam Williamson, Willy Warner, and Susie Work. Not pictured: Tom Combs, Ruth Lindstedt, and Carl Schiner.

Adam Williamson, Board Chair

Adam Williamson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. He has worked in the field of mental health since 2004. In addition to individual and couples therapy, Adam consults and works with hospitals doing suicide assessments, consultation, and as a designated examiner which includes court testimony in commitment proceedings. Adam is certified as a Psychological Autopsy Investigator and provides front line service and consultation to individuals and the community at large following a suicide. He works in a private practice in Driggs, Idaho, and at a community mental health agency in Jackson, Wyoming.

“I am committed to the overall mental health of our community and honored to be on the board at the CRC of Teton Valley.”

Tom Combs, Vice Chair

Tom and his wife came to Teton Valley in 2004 from the Midwest and quickly realized this would be their new home. Tom retired from a law enforcement career of over 20 years serving in various supervisory positions in both patrol and investigations having opportunity to work cases at the local, state, and federal levels. He has been a member of many community focused teams on issues involving child protection, sexual assault and domestic violence. Tom has also been a youth mentor and director for the law enforcement Explorer program, a program designed to give youth an introduction and behind the scenes look at law enforcement as a potential career. This program also offered youth leadership opportunities and taught youth the importance on giving back to their communities as a way of service.

Tom saw the opportunity to serve on the CRC Board of Directors as an opportunity to help our friends and neighbors. After attending one board meeting, Tom realized that the team of staff and board were truly a compassionate group dedicated to helping others and guiding those in need to desperately needed resources. “Joining the board of directors is truly an honor and a privilege. To be a part of something so critical and necessary in our community surrounded by others in this organization who see the same need to serve others and provide opportunity is truly inspiring.”

Tom also enjoys helping animals of all kinds. He is a volunteer for the Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and volunteer for the yearly Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter golf tournament, “Shank one for the Shelter.”

Susie Work, Treasurer

Susie Work was raised in the east but has lived in Teton Valley for over 16 years . Most of her married life was spent raising her three kids and following her husband to his different job locations. She has a key role in the start of five non-profit organizations, from Egypt to the Teton Valley, including the Community Foundation of Teton Valley. Wherever she has lived, she has been an active volunteer in the community, believing that building a strong community benefits everyone! Clearly the joy of being involved was a reward unto itself. She started working toward creating a community resource center after a needs assessment conducted by the Community Foundation in 2010 indicated coordinated care as a pressing need in the community. 

“I cannot tell you how excited I am to be part of this organization and to actually see the dream come to fruition! I hope that with coordination and follow up, we can now move from applying bandaids to people’s problems to actually improving their lives.”

Pam Parkins, Secretary

Lured by all of the natural beauty that Teton Valley, Idaho has to offer, Pamela Parkins and her husband Rob moved to area in 2005 from the east coast.   Pam has been practicing law since 2002 and is a licensed attorney in several states, including Idaho and Wyoming.  Pam currently runs a solo general law practice in the surrounding Idaho and Wyoming area.  Pam also serves as a contract public defender for Teton County, Idaho and provides discounted legal services to individuals in need through the Teton County Access to Justice Program located in Teton County, Wyoming. 

Over the years, Pam has seen first-hand the significant challenges and hardships that individuals and families in this community must overcome when embroiled in a civil or criminal legal matter, after the occurrence of a life changing accident, when suffering from an unexpected illness or some combination of one or more of these things.  The connections, information, resources and support that the CRCTV provides to these individuals and families to assist them in overcoming their respective challenges and hardships is immeasurable. Pam is honored to assist in improving the lives of our community members by actively participating as a board member of the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley.

Ed Palacios

Ed was born in Nicaragua and moved to the United States as a teenager. Los Angeles, California became his home until he moved to Teton Valley in 2018. While in California, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a Quality Assurance Manager for over thirty-two years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Since an early age, Ed’s passion has always been to help people in one way or another. As an immigrant himself, Ed understands persecution, limitations, prejudice, and broken promises. However, these walls did not stop him from pursing his dreams. He was the first in his family to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

As a volunteer and board member for the Community Resource Center, it is his desire to greatly help those who are invisible to the eyes of others. Today, he sees a greater need not for handouts to those in need, but to improve people’s lives so they can become successful and self-sufficient community members.

“I cannot express how excited and blessed I was when I found an organization during the Tin Cup Festival of 2018 that would allow me to help this great Teton Valley community. As an immigrant myself, I know far too well the financial and socio-emotional struggles of coming to a new country. I recall how the fear and intimidation of facing the unknown made me feel that my world was closing in. How the language barrier and lack of immigration status became the main obstacles I faced in this new country. Things such as jobs, food, medications, and shelter were hard to come by. However, if I would have had access to and the support of organizations such as the CRC, perhaps I would have had the peach of mind to know that I, the ‘invisible’, could perhaps become more ‘visible.'”

Ruth Lindstedt

Teton Valley became Ruth’s home in 2017, though she’d been visiting the Valley for years after her daughter settled here. Ruth is a retired professional nurse and spent most of her career as a staff member and later, administrator of hospice and home care programs in the Midwest. She is also a certified spiritual director. Ruth is very active with St. Francis Episcopal church in Alta and through that association Ruth learned how she could help support the work of the Community Resource Center.

“I have been on the Board of CRC since December of 2019 and am in awe of the commitment and energy of staff to link community residents with resources to overcome crises that present barriers to their continued well-being. The CRC may be a young not-for-profit but its programming and services suggest it already serves a vital role in building resilience of residents to become stable contributors who will enhance the community’s future.”

Angela Hoggan

Bio coming soon.

Carl Schiner

Bio coming soon.


By making a tax-deductible donation to the Community Resource Center, you are helping to improve lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources.


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